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COMPLETE- Mayor Plumberge Comes to Town!

Mayor Plumberge Comes to Town


Starting Aug. 28, you have a chance at getting the new "Mayor Plumberge" Khara title. 


The "Mayor Plumberge" Khara title can be used in addition to the current Khara title equipped. For example, the name will be shown as current Khara title + Character Name + "Mayor Plumberge".


Below are the steps to take in order to get this title:


1. You will need the Plumeria seed item. This item can be gained by hunting monsters. 


2. You can then exchange the items with Munil, to recieve the item for the next tier. For example, you would need 10 Plumeria Seeds to trade for 1 Tree Bark. 


  10 Plumeria Seed= 1 Tree Bark

  10 Tree Bark= 1 Blue Leaf

  10 Blue Leaf= 1 Plumeria

  100 Plumeria= 1 Plumeria Name Tag


3. The other way to get this title is through purchasing the Plumeria random box from the Kafra Shop. The Plumeria Random Box has a random chance of dropping Tree Bark, Blue Leaf, and Plumeria. Item sales will end on Sep. 25.


These are the stats for the new title:

Do get your title early because the Bonus Stats will removed after Oct. 10.


Below effects will be applied by using Plumeria items.


Tree Bark: HP 100 recover, Cool time 1 sec – Normal

Blue Leaf : HP 300 recover, Cool time 1 sec – Normal

Plumeria : HP 500 recover, Cool time 1 sec – Normal




*The event details may change.