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 Meet Your New Allies, the Noel!

*Coming 9/11/2013




They may be small, but they are not any less powerful than their human counterparts. The Noel race starts off as Alters, and at level 25 can choose to become Crecentia or Soul Makers.


Alters are known to use melee attack skills as well as area ranged attacks. Their special abilities include debuffing enemies, various curse skills including those that increase damage over time (dot), and ways to decrease power of or amplify damage done on enemies.

Posted Image Diem wind -Attacks the enemy to inflict 14% of physical attack damage. Adds Stigma debuff to a hostile target with 20% probability per hit. 

Posted Image Crucio - Puts a curse on a hostile target to inflict 19% of magical attack damage, and inflicts 9% of additional DoT for 10 sec. 

Posted Image Ignition - Magic and physical attack is doubled. [Passive]

Posted Image Raw Tilt - Curse enemy for 30 sec to increase the damage they received by 5%. Can’t be used with blindness.

Posted Image Evanesco - Reflect the damage done by the target by 2%. It lasts for 30 sec.

Posted Image Illusion Blade - Inflict 40% of your physical attack and you can earn 2 stigma debuff at 20% to the target. Targets under curse spells receive 30% more damage in addition to the initial damage taken.

Posted Image Curse Burst - Explode your concentrated stigma and deal damage 5 meters around you at 6% of magic attack, add 1% additional magic attack damage for every stigma compounded.

Posted Image Furnunculus - Puts a curse on a hostile target to inflict DoT- 10% of magical attack damage- every 2 sec for 30 sec. DoT is increased by 4% of damage inflicted every 5 sec. for the duration of the effect.

Posted Image Blindness - Decreases physical/magical attack damage by 5% for 30 seconds by breaking the balance of the target's mind. Can’t be used with tilt.




The Crecentia are able to use all Alter skills, and can be very powerful. They can perform long range skills as well as do area melee damage through using area of effect (AoE) attack and debuff skills. Some of their unique abilities include using chain skills for AoE attacks and various action control skills that can increase movement speed or decrease an enemy’s abilities. They also have Deluge which not only increases their own abilities, but also those from their party members.

Posted Image Bram Gush -Inflicts 7% magical attack damage up to 10 enemies. Stigma debuff can generate at 6% probablity per target.

Posted Image Curse Reinforce - Increases the damage of curse spells by 5% [Affected skills: Crucio & Land of darkness]

Posted Image Levicorpus - Damage reduced by 10% and puts up to 10 enemies to sleep with in 5 meters.

Posted Image Stigma Thread - Applies stigma debuff up to 5 times on a target.

Posted Image Contingency - Inflicts 16% physical damage, decreases defense by 1% per curse which can stack up to 5 times for 30 sec, and inflicts DoT which is equivalent to 1% of physical attack damage.

Posted Image Imperio -All enemies within 5 meters will have their Haste/Vigor decreased by 20% for 30sec.

Posted Image Earth Worm - Inflict 16% magic attack power and reduces movement speed by 70% within 10 meters, can hit up to five enemis.

Posted Image Land of Darkness - Inflicts 6% of magical attack damage on up to 10 enemies within the range where Land of Darkness is used. The damage is increased by 1% for any target under the Stigma effect.

Posted Image Mayhem - 10% chance to silence your enemy for 5 sec. [Passive]

Posted Image Tempest - Inflict 68% physical damage, increase damage by 1% per stigma debuff, 3 sec stun is also applied.

Posted Image Awake: Darkness - Increases the caster’s ATK and movement speed by 10% and reduce all damage taken by 5%. Whenever you deal a critical hit, the armor of your allies will increase by 1%. Defense can be increased by 10%.

Posted Image Stigma Mastery - Increase the chance to deal a critical hit by 1% [Passive]

Posted Image Death Grip - Inflicts 77% of magical attack damage on the enemies by exploding the physical manifestations of Inner Shadows of the caster and the nearby allies. Additional 10% damage is added per party member who is within 10m of the caster at the time of attacking a hostile target. The additional damage is added up to 5 party members.


Soul Maker


Soul Makers are not able to use Alter skills, because they have their own set of skills that include healing capabilities and strengthening buffs by linking with different objects. Some of their special abilities include providing buffs and healing to themselves and their parties, using Deluge to increase the power of their skills, and debuffing the skills of their enemies while increasing their own movement speed.


Posted Image Soul Extinction Mastery - Inflict 27% of magic attack and for 10 sec it inflicts an additional 14% DoT damage.

Posted Image Exploitation - Increases intelligence of the caster for 30 sec by absorbing the souls of enemies within 5m of the caster. The souls of up to 5 hostile targets can be absorbed, each of which incraese the caster's intelligence by 2%.

Posted Image Restore - Restores HP of allies by 44% of your magic attack.

Posted Image Impositio Manus - Provides a blessing for 30mins to allies/raid members that increases physical and magical attack by 2%.

Posted Image Restoration - Heals 1 party member by 19% of magical attack damage, then jumps to heal all other members within 10m of the specified member. Up to 5 members can be healed, and the healing effect decreases by 5% on each jump.

Posted Image Cure - Recovers HP of the target by 8% of magical attack damage every 2 sec for 30 sec. Healing is increased by 3.5% every 5 sec for as long as Cure lasts.

Posted Image Dispell - Decreases any abnormalities by 10%. Spell can be used even when you cannot move.

Posted Image Detection - Detect any invisible enemies within 10 meter radius, removes their invisibility and has a 10% chance to stun the target for 3sec.

Posted Image Cure Pearl - Cast 5 healing spheres around allies to heal them. When an ally approaches a sphere, it is absorbed by him or her to recover HP by 30% of magical attack damage.

Posted Image Soul Link (Revive) -Your party receives 2% less damage and heals 2% faster for 5mins. Every critical will grant you additional 1% heal.

Posted Image Soul Link: (Devotion) - For 5mins you share your HP with one ally, 6% of the damage they receive will be sent to you; every time you attack you’ll regain 10% of your HP. If the damage can kill you, you’ll not die, but instead you'll be recovering 10% of your HP and will destroy the Devotion buff.

Posted Image Sacrifice - Sacrifice 10% of your HP to deal damage for 78% magic attack plus the amount of HP the caster has sacrificed. The target is knocked down for 3-4sec.

Posted Image Mental Breakdown - Inflicts 20% of magic attack damage. If target is under Soul injection, the damage jumps to an additional 5 enemies. On each jump, the damage decreases by 10%.

Posted Image Soul Extortion - Inflicts 20% of magical attack damage every 1 sec for 5 sec. The movement speed is decreased by 50% when casting is in progress. If the target is under Soul Injection, the damage jumps to an additional 5 enemies max. On each jump, damage decreases by 10%. 

Posted Image Death Spell - Inflicts 16% of magical attack damage on the target and additional 10 within 5 meters of target.  Debuff Soul injection will also be applied to those who have received damage.

Posted Image Awake: Soulmate - Increase the caster’s ATK and movement speed by 10%. Increase acceleration by 5%, Whenever you critical hit, you heal everyone within 10 meters by 2%

Posted Image Immunity - Inflict 77% magic attack damage to an enemy and 31% (of total damage done by Immunity) to heal all allies within 20 meters.

Posted Image Transpersonal - Increase critical hit power of whole raid for 30mins by 2%.

Posted Image Soul Link: (Concentration) - Increase the acceleration and vitality  of caster and up to 5 allies within a certain range by 2% for 5mins. While spiritually connected, acceleration and vitality of the ally and the caster is increased by 1% every time the caster achieves a critical hit, up to 5%. 

Posted Image Soul Link: (Balance) - Increases the phyisical and magic attack of your allies for 2%. Every time the caster achieves a critical hit, physical and magic attack damage is increased by 1%, up to 5%.


Alter Fighting Stance

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